Perceptual Capacities and Psychophysics

26-27 October 2018, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University

All talks are in the seminar room of the Rutgers philosophy department

106 Somerset St., 5th floor, New Brunswick


Friday, October 26



coffee break



Saturday, October 27


11- 12:30



All are welcome. There is no registration fee for the workshop. If you plan to participate in the lunch on Saturday, please contact Dee Payton, the workshop manager, at

Childcare is available to all workshop participants at a reasonable rate. For more information, please contact

Casey O’Callaghan (Washington University St. Louis): “Senses as Capacities”

Chair: Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers)

Michael Rescorla (UCLA): “Perceptual Representation”

Chair: Christopher Peacocke (Columbia)

Lisa Scott (University of Florida): “Feature and Strategy use in the Early Acquisition of Perceptual Expertise”

Chair: Chaz Firestone (John Hopkins University)

Dinner for speakers and chairs at Efes

Jacob Beck (York University): “Perception is Analog: The Argument from Weber’s Law”

Chair: Dee Payton (Rutgers)

Justin Halberda (John Hopkins University) & Paul Pietroski (Rutgers): “Magnitude Representation and their Role in Quantification”

Chair: Antonia Peacocke (NYU & Stanford)

Nico Orlandi (UCSC): “Representational Role”

Chair: Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers)